Архив рубрики: Aviation oils


Synthetic highly stable on the basis of difficult aethers and synthetic fat acids S5-S9. It is efficient in the range of temperatures from-60 to +225 °С. It is recommended to application in the heat-stressed aviation technics, and also as the unified oil for working off of new heat-stressed aviation gas-turbine engines (TRD, TVD, TVVD, shaft-turbine engines and reducers of helicopters). Oil possesses the improved vjazkostno-temperature properties and high thermooxidizing stability. It is recommended for perspective aircraft technicians, and also instead of commodity oil and synthetic aviaoils. On the physical and chemical and operational properties most (in comparison with other oils) corresponds to American specification MIL-L-23699F.


(TU 38.1011181-88)
Oil MS-8rk is intended for greasing and preservation of aviation engines.
Oil MS-8rk is prepared from special refined bases with antioxidizing, antiwear and anticorrosive additives.
Oil MS-8rk is equivalent to oil MS-8r on operational indicators and considerably surpasses on conservation to characteristics.
At preservation oilsystems aircraft engines protection term makes: for oil MK-8 — 3 months, for oil MS-8p — 1 year, for oil MS-8rk — 4-8 years.