Armatol-238 grease (TU 38.101812-83) is a mix of castor and synthetic oils, thickened by modified aerosil; it contains graphite. Armatol-238 grease is partially soluble in liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons, it is partially dissolved in gasoline.
Armatol-238 grease works at temperature -50°С…+120°С. It used for hermetic lock-up devices of surface oil-field equipment petroleum’s and gas’s deposits. It used at the content in gas less than 25% (H2S+CO2).


Viscosity effective, Pa, at 20°С, no more150
Strength at 20°С, Pa, not less150
Drobfall temperature, °С, not more low160
Colloid stability, % of the allocated oil, no more:15
Penetration at 30°С, 0,1 mm300-360