Архив рубрики: Instrument oils


Lubricant oil 132-08 (GOST 18375-73) is intended for greasing of bearings in various devices and sites of a friction of the machines working in the range of temperatures from — (65-70) to +70 °С.
It represents a mix of polyethil liquid and mineral lubricant oils in various parities. It is packed into glass container with the capacity from 0,25 to 1 cubic decimeter (GOST 6-19-72-76), glass large bottles with the capacity of 20 cubic decimeters, and also in cans from a white tin (GOST 6128-81), cans from the white tin, the zinced flasks (GOST 5799-78) and aluminum flanks (GOST 21029-75). The Warranty period of storage of lubricant oils in container of the manufacturer — 2 years from the date of manufacturing. After an oil warranty period analyze on conformity to requirements of standards each time before application.

Kinematic viscosity at 100 °C, cSt: —
Kinematic viscosity at 20 °C, cSt: 47-55
Kinematic viscosity at -50 °C, cSt: 2200
Viscosity index, not less than: —
Flash temperature in an open cup, not lower than, °C: 173
Hardening temperature, not above, °C:-70
Density at 20 °C, kg/cu.m, not more than: 950-970
Acid number, mg, not more than: 0.15
Alkaline number, mg, not less than: —
The maintenance of silicon, %: 21.0-24.0

Data on operational temperatures represent values, which are guided by a structure of lubricants, and also on a scope and technology of use. Depending on a kind of mechanical-dynamic loading lubricants change the consistence, conditional viscosity or viscosity at various temperatures, pressure and duration of operation. These changes of indicators can affect work of components.