Архив рубрики: Rust-preventing greases


The grease «Е-9» (TU 38 USSR 201223-75)
Scope: Impregnation of organic cores of the steel ropes working with grease Torsiol-55.
The basic operational characteristics:
It Most cold-resistant of all пропиточных structures. It is efficient in the range of temperatures from -50 °С to 50 °С.
Structure: the mix of petroleum and synthetic oils solidified with oktole and ozokerite. It contains copper naphthenate and sulphur.

Rope grease 39U

Grease Rope 39U (TU 38 USSR 201335-80)
Scope: Miner and chisel ropes, cables, hoisting-and-transport machines.
The basic operational characteristics are good water resistance, adhesion to metal, conservation properties. It is efficient in the range of temperatures from -25 °С to 50 °С.
Structure: the alloy of nigrol, oily tar, ceresin, stillage bottoms of SZHK and triethanolamine.


The grease LZ-E-91 (TU 301-04-034-94)

Scope: the impregnation of organic cores of steel ropes; greasing contacting to the rope wire.
The basic operational characteristics: It is efficient in the range of temperatures from-35 °С to 50 °С.
Structure: Petroleum oils, solidified oil hydrocarbons; contains additives.


The grease «Torsiol-35B» (TU 38 USSR 201214-80) is a mix of petroleum oils, solidified oil with ceresin wax. It contains lignite wax and oxidised petrolatum.
It possesses good water-and frost resistance, adhesive, conservation and antifrictional properties. The grease Torsiol-35B is efficient at temperature-35 … +50°С. The Scope: steel ropes of different function at their manufacturing. A substitute is grease «39U».

Appearance and colour: —
Viscosity effective, Па.с, at 20°С, no more: 800
Viscosity effective, Па.с, at-30°S, no more: —
Strength at 50°С, the Pas, not less: —
Drobfall temperature, °C, not more low: 65-80
Colloid stability at loading, %, no more: 3
The content of free alkali in recalculation on NаОН, %, no more: —
Penetration at 0°С, mm, 10-1: —
The content of water, %, no more: —
Vaporability at 150°С within 1 hour, %, no more: 15

Data on operational temperatures represent values which are guided by a structure of lubricants, and also on a scope and technology of use. Depending on a kind of mehaniko-dynamic loading lubricants change the consistence, conditional viscosity or viscosity at various temperatures, pressure and duration of operation. These changes of indicators can affect work of components.


Grease «Vaerol» (TU 38 USSR 201406-86)
Scope: steel ropes of trade and load-lifting devices of sea courts at their manufacturing.
The basic operational characteristics: high adhesion to metals, water resistance, protective properties and artifriction characteristics. It is efficient in the range of temperatures from -30 °С to 50 °С.
Structure: the mix of petroleum oils solidified with a ceresin wax and natural waxes. It contains anticorrosive and adhesive additives