Enecon-32S is russian, completely synthetic compressor oil.
Specified oil is developed Joint-Stock Company «Enekon-service» together with chair of Compressor technics of MGTU of Bauman and chair of Chemistry and technology of lubricants RSU oil and gas of Gubkin and mean for cooling, greasing and consolidation of air screw compressors. Thanks to unique greasing properties in a combination to low viscosity and high thermooxidizing stability oil «ЭНЕКОН-32С» is capable to be maintained in all climatic zones, providing thus soft start-up of the compressor, an optimum temperature mode of its work, and long (not less than 5000 hours) operation of the compressor without oil replacement. Besides, you will be pleasantly surprised with the price for oil «Enekon-32S» in comparison with the prices for other synthetic oils of similar appointment.