(OST 38.01163-78)
This oil is produced from West Siberian and Ural petroleums. It is developed instead of oils МК-8 and МК-8p, it considerably surpasses them in a number of operational indicators, in particular, on viscosity at low temperatures, to thermo oxidizing stability, a job resource.
Oil MS-8p is applied to gas-turbine engines of subsonic and supersonic planes (planes of civil aircraft Il-62, Il-76, Il-86, Tu-134, Tu-154, Yak-40, planes of military aircraft MiG-21, Su-15, Su-25, helicopters Mi-6, Mi-10), at which oil temperature on an exit from the engine are not more than 150 °С.
The oil МS-8p is used in structure oil mix in turbo-propeller engines (planes An-12, An-22, An-24, An-30, An-32, Il-18), and also for preservation of lubrication systems of aviation engines.
The oil MS-8p is also used in ship gas-turbine installations and in gas compressor unit.