Ciatim-221S grease (GOST 9433-80) used in bearings of a rolling of electromachines, control systems and devices with frequency to 10000 mines-1, modular bearings of flying machines, friction units and the interfaced surfaces metal-rubber working in vacuum. Structure: the organosilicon liquid, thickened by complex soap, it contains an antioxidizing additive. The basic operational characteristics: it is insoluble in water, hygroscopic, saves stability even at boiling. At moisture absorption it is condensed, has the low antiwear characteristics chemically proof, inert to rubber and polymeric materials. It is efficient at residual pressure 666,5 Pases in the range of temperatures from -60°С to +150°C.



Drop temperature, °С, not less160
Penetration at 30°С, 0,1 mm250-300
Breaking point at 20°С, Pa350-700
Viscosity at -50°С and average gradient speed of deformation 10s-1, Pa/s, not more1000
Colloid stability, %, not more10