Uniol 2M/2

Grease «Uniol-2M-2» (TU 38.5901243-92) is high-viscosity petroleum residual oil solidified with complex calcium soap, contains antioxidizing, antiwear and anticorrosive additives.
It have high thermal stability, good antiscuff characteristics and pumpability. Влагоупрочняется at storage. It is efficient at temperature -30 … +160°С. The Scope: friction units of the metallurgical and mining equipment with systems of the centralised giving of grease. Substitutes: Uniol-1, IP-1.

Appearance and colour: —
Viscosity effective, Па.с, at 0°С, no more: 110
Viscosity effective, Па.с, at-30°S, no more: —
Strength at 50°С, the Pas, not less: 410
Drobfall temperature, °С, not more low: 205
Colloid stability at loading, %, no more: 12
The content of free alkali in recalculation on NаОН, %, no more: —
Penetration at 0°С, mm, 10-1: 330-380
The content of water, %, no more: —
Vaporability at 150°С within 1 hour, %, no more: —

Data on operational temperatures represent values which are guided by a structure of lubricants, and also on a scope and technology of use. Depending on a kind of mehaniko-dynamic loading lubricants change the consistence, conditional viscosity or viscosity at various temperatures, pressure and duration of operation. These changes of indicators can affect work of components.