For gas valves

Grease for gas valves (TOR 38.101316-78) is a sealing (thread lubricant) grease; castor oil thickened with hydrated calcium soap of castor oil acids.
Application requirements: the grease is not soluble in petroleum products, very soluble in alcohol and oxygenated solvents.
Operating efficiency at temperatures ranging from 0 °C to +50 °C.
Applications: gas lines and distribution stations fittings at a pressure of up to 5 MPa.

Appearance and color: Homogeneous ointment from yellow to black color.
Effective viscosity, Pa•s, at 0 °C, not more than: —
Effective viscosity, Pa•s, at -40 °C, not more than: —
Breaking strength at 20 °С, Pa•s, not less than: —
Dropping point, °С, not below than: 60
Colloid stability under load, %, not more than: —
The content of free alkali in terms of NaOH,%, not more than: —
Penetration at 25 °C, mm, 10-1: 35-70
Water content, %, not more than: 3.5
Evaporation at 150 °C within 1 hour,%, not more than: —