Rezbol OM-2

Grease Rezbol OM-2 (TOR 24739282.001-96) is a petroleum oil thickened with non-soapy thickening agent; it contains additives and filling agents.
The grease has good conservation and tribotechnical properties, it is water resistant, having an environmentally friendly filling agent. Operating efficiency at temperatures ranging from
-50 °C to +200 °C.
Applications: sealing and corrosion protection of threading of casing, tubing and drill pipes. Substitution products: R-402, R-113.

Appearance and color: —
Effective viscosity, Pa•s, at 20 °C, not more than:-
Effective viscosity, Pa•s, at 30 °C, not more than: —
Breaking strength at 20 °С, Pa•s, not less than: 50
Dropping point, °С, not below than: —
Colloid stability under load, %, not more than: 8
The content of free alkali in terms of NaOH,%, not more than: —
Penetration at 25 °C, mm, 10-1: 330-390
Water content, %, not more than: —
Evaporation at 100 °C within 1 hour, %, not more than: —