Antifrictional, specialised grease LZ-31 is intended for bearings of a rolling of the closed type on all service life.
The researches of grease LZ-31 spent by the Konstruktorsko-institute of the bearing industry have allowed to recommend it to bearing plant as uniform for bearings of the closed type of a general purpose, including as constant for bearings of coupling of cars GAS and ZIL, the closed bearings of aviation engines.
Grease LZ-31 represents synthetic oil, solidified oil a lithium stearate, containing antioxidizing, viscosity and anticorrosive additives.
Good vjazkostno-temperature properties of an oil basis, low испаряемость, good thermal stability of grease LZ-31 allow to apply it in a wide interval of temperatures: from a minus 40 to plus 130°С. In enough powerful mechanisms grease is efficient at lower temperatures (to a minus 50°С). Grease not a water rack.

Foreign analogues LZ-31: Alvania RL2; Aeroshell Grease 7; Multiplex Red 2 (SHELL); Mobilgrease 22 (Mobil Oil Co).