Oil IGP-18

Oil IGP-18 (TOR 38.101413-97) is distillate oil, residual oil or a mix of distillate and residual oils from sulfurous petroleums of deep selective clearing with antioxidizing, wear-protective, anticorrosive and antifoam additives.
The oil is used for greasing of the modern domestic and import equipment in various branches of a national economy for which operation oils with the improved operational properties are necessary.
Oil IGP-18 serves as a working liquid in hydraulic systems of machine tools, automatic transfer lines, presses. Use for greasing of high-speed transmissions, variable-speed transmissions, electromagnetic and gear couplings, sliding and rolling bearings in one sites and in other sites mechanisms where oils with the improved antioxidizing and wear-protective properties are required.
The basic indicators characterizing operational properties of oils IGP are viscosity, stability against oxidation, anticorrosive properties and firmness to foaming.

Density at 20°С, kg/cu.m, not more than: 880
Kinematic viscosity, cSt, at 40°С, not less than: 24-30
Mass fraction of zinc, %, not less than: 0.04
Mass fraction of sulfur, %, not less than: 1
Flash temperature, in an open cup, °C, not lower than: 180
Hardening temperature, °C, not above: -15

Data on operational temperatures represent values, which are guided by a structure of lubricants, and also on a scope and technology of use. Depending on a kind of mechanical-dynamic loading lubricants change the consistence, conditional viscosity or viscosity at various temperatures, pressure and duration of operation. These changes of indicators can affect the work of components.