Oil INSp-65

Oil INSp-65 (TOR 0253-007-00151911-93) is distilling, residual oil and a mix of distilling and residual oils from sulfurous petroleums of the selective clearing, containing anti-«stick-slip», extreme pressure additive, adhesive, solubilization and antifoam additives.
The oil is used for greasing guide sliding and slide ways bearings metal-cutting machine tools, transfers of a running screw-nut of machine tools of special high accuracy, with programmed control, heavy and others where uniformity of slow movements is required, accuracy and sensitivity of adjusting movements of tables, supports, sliding boxes, grandmas, racks and other knots and also where it is necessary to lower level of factors of a friction in static and kinetic conditions.
Oil INSp-65 serves for greasing middle- and hard-loaded horizontal directing, and vertical directing or vertical and horizontal directing at the general system of greasing. Except basic purpose it is possible to use the oil INSp for greasing of other knots of machine tools, such, as gear and worm gears, moving sleeves, cams, ratchet mechanisms.

Density at 20 °C, kg/cu.m, not more than: 910
Kinematic viscosity, cSt, at 40 °C, not less than: 100-110
Flash temperature, in an open cup, °C, not lower than: 190
Hardening temperature, °C, not above: -20

Data on operational temperatures represent values, which are guided by a structure of lubricants, and also on a scope and technology of use. Depending on a kind of mechanical-dynamic loading lubricants change the consistence, conditional viscosity or viscosity at various temperatures, pressure and duration of operation. These changes of indicators can influence work of components.