Grease VNIINP-291 (TOR 38.001198-74) is a castor oil, thickened with inorganic thickening agent, it contains glycerin. The grease has good water resistance and colloidal stability. It is insoluble in petroleum products.
Operating efficiency at temperatures ranging from 0 °C to +100 °C.
Applications: sealing valves that are in the domestic hot water supply system. The substitute product: VNIINP-292.

Appearance and color:
Effective viscosity, Pa•s, at 20 °C, not more than: —
Effective viscosity, Pa•s, at -30 °C, not more than: —
Breaking strength at 20 °С, Pa•s, not less than: —
Dropping point, °С, not below than: 200
Colloid stability under load, %, not more than: 0.7
The content of free alkali in terms of NaOH,%, not more than: —
Penetration at 25 °C, mm, 10-1: 85-115
Evaporation at 150 °C within 1 hour, %, not more than: —