Grease «1-13»

Grease «1-13» (TOR 38.40158142-95) is a mix of petroleum oils of low and average viscosity, thickened oil a soda soap of fat acids of castor oil; contains a little calcic soap of the same fat acids.
The basic operational characteristics: low water resistance, at contact with water it dissolves in it.
It is efficient at temperatures from -20 … +110°С. The application: various bearings of a rolling, rarer – sliding bearings; bearings of electric motors, naves of wheels of out-of-date cars, etc.
Appearance: Homogeneous ointment from St. brown to brown color
Viscosity at 0 °С and an middle gradient of speed of deformation 10с-1, Pas, not more than: 500
Strength at 80 °С, Pas, not less than: 150
Drop temperature, °С, not lower than: 120
Calendar stability, in % of the allocated oil, not more than: 20
Mass fraction of free alkali in recalculation on NаОН, %, not more than: 0.2
Penetration at 25 °С, mm, 10-1: 130-250
Mass fraction of water, %, not more than: 0.73
Data on operational temperatures represent values, which are guided by a structure of lubricants, and also on a scope and technology of use. Depending on a kind of mechanical-dynamic loading lubricants change the consistence, conditional viscosity or viscosity at various temperatures, pressure and duration of operation. These changes of indicators can affect work of components.